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Who We Are



We are followers of Jesus. We come together to learn the teachings of the Bible and spread the message of God’s love. Along the way, we sing and laugh. We roll up our sleeves and get involved, and sometimes, we sit quietly in the presence of God.

Welcome is our mantra. Whatever your life experiences, questions, beliefs or doubts, we are glad you are here. You are important to God.

Small has its advantages. Lines for everything are shorter here and many of us prefer a more intimate setting to get to know God and each other.

Parents will want to know that we surround children with familiar faces and teach them about God in a fun and creative way.

Prayers are always heard by God and we encourage them, especially when at the end of your rope. In the alcove, you’ll find a corner for prayer.

Meeting with friends and learning more about Jesus happen here, particularly through one of our Bible studies.

Connecting with new people over java, fruit and cookies after church may just change your life. It has ours.