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Posted by on Oct 14, 2017

Updates on Kirsty Gerlach

Updates on Kirsty Gerlach




You heard right. Conclusive diagnosis 10 days ago. But symptoms started over a year ago. It's been mostly bulbar - in my mouth and throat. Had to stop working, as I was having trouble speaking clearly. Thought it was stress - was putting in hours caring for Dad after work.

Trusting God. Focusing on Jesus. His ways are perfect. Expecting a miracle but realising it may be a challenging time on the way there. I think of Paul in prison rejoicing. And Daniel in the lions den, looking into the eyes of his killer all night long.

Already the impact on those around me is huge. Walls are coming down and hearts are soft. Prodigals are coming home to Jesus. God is moving.

This is a condition with no return. Medically impossible to renew dead neurones. If ever there was a disease that cannot be healed this must be it. So a miracle is undeniable to the medical community. I have plenty of rational thinking, hard-hearted medical professionals in my family that need to see this miracle. So we trust and we rejoice.

Had my first glimpse of a panic attack the other night. Praise God. He met me there and brought peace.

Thank you for your prayers and support Terralee. I have so much I want to do for Gods Kingdom here on earth!

Love and blessings,




Dear Prayer Family,

I arrived back in Rotorua yesterday to find Kirsty looking really happy and well. She has had no side-effects from the medication she started last week which is wonderful because we had been told that the side-effects could be ghastly. So we thank God for protecting Kirsty from the nausea and dizziness. Kirsty does not feel that she is deteriorating!

As Kirsty's sister, I want to thank you all on behalf of our whole family for your loving prayers over Kirsty. We continue to look to God for Kirsty's complete healing and we rest in Him knowing that He is looking after her and there is nothing to worry about. Our Heavenly Father has His arms around Kirsty, keeping her safe and sheltering her from the storm.

I witness that Kirsty is held in a place of joy as your prayers of love and intercession flood over her and through her - and God is answering these prayers! The scriptures God lays on your hearts that you share with her, are always perfect for where she is at that moment and what she is thinking. God is watching over Kirsty, inspiring her and laying a cool soothing balm over everything that is happening.

There is no chaos, no feeling of anything that is out of control, only God's assurance that He is with Kirsty, every second of the day. Kirsty says she is waking several times through the night. Those of you who live on the other side of the world, when your waking is out sleeping - your prayers over Kirsty through that time would be a real blessing.

"In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for thou alone makest me dwell in safety". Psalm 4 v.8

Bless you all with much love,


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